Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics

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Edition: 1986

Managerial Economics

by McGuigan and Moyer


CHAPTER 1. Managerial Economics: Introduction and Goals of the Organization

CHAPTER 2. Decision-Making Under Risk and Uncertainty

CHAPTER 3. Classical Optimization Techniques

CHAPTER 4. Linear Programming

CHAPTER 5. Econometrics

CHAPTER 6. Theory of Demand

CHAPTER 7. Business and Economic Forecasting

CHAPTER 8. Empirical Estimation of Demand

CHAPTER 9. Forecasting: Additional Topics

CHAPTER 10. Theory of Production

CHAPTER 11. Theory of Cost

CHAPTER 12. Empirical Determination of Production and Cost Functions

CHAPTER13. Price and Output Determination: Pure Competition, Monopolistic Competition, and Monopoly

CHAPTER 14. Price and Output Determination: Oligopoly

CHAPTER 15. Further Topics in Pricing

CHAPTER 16. Capital Budgeting and the Cost of Capital

CHAPTER 17. Cost-Benefit Analysis and Public Sector Management

CHAPTER 18. Market Structure, Conduct, and Performance

CHAPTER 19. Government Regulation and Support of Private Business


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